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Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall feelings

Days and nights share time for equal moments , Fall, sadness over the end of Summer,warm,enveloping heat, replaced by the chill of cooler days, frozen dark nights ahead. Heavy sweaters ,bulky layers worn. Leaves crackling under foot,dying, plants root deep to ensure new life next Spring.

Orange pumpkins, with jack o' lantern faces, mocking me,so I only buy white ones, they say the promise of something pure and light to my heart
Squirrels and animals running around knowing time is running out. Their soul saying survive, so must I.

I try to feed my soul with smells of cider, baking cookies,pies, pots of soup,that briefly say, warmth will return.
I try to see the beauty in the colors of dying leaves,I see many grey hairs,I am wise yet.

I fight hard to see the beauty in fallen snow,the only beauty I find,is in the birth of our Saviour.With that I feel the warmth and love of life.
Melancholy and sad Fall marks the end of another season - too soon another year shall pass,as I wait for the promise of the returning Spring,and the happiness of abundant live.

How does Fall affect your mood? What are your thoughts of Fall?

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