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Sunday, October 19, 2008

My day at Cold Springs

There are ALOT of images here,please wait for loading,

a very dog friendly town,small or big,

inside some of the shops,
a African/Safari store were the items are crafted by women,

This Old Couple has been hanging for sale in one of the stores since we started gong to Cold Spring,if the sale price was much cheaper I would
adopt them,

this was a beautiful wall just fall of stain glass windows,

a Octoberfest Band playing,and a group of beautiful modest women,

For lunch,grilled eggplant,cabbage and chickpea soup,pasta,
I must remember to take pictures BEFORE we start eating,lol!

The Drive home we past thru Sleepy Hollow,and Tarrytown,
we went a few years ago,I was a big Dark Shadows fan,and HAD to see Lynhurst Manor,it was the days before I had a computer,so that will be something to blog about in the future,

and the items that I bought,get fabrics,napkins,rag rugs,
and scone mix and chocolate,
yes that middle bar of chocolate is made with bacon,that sounds so very wrong,Hubby is brave!

and last item,I got was a bright pink rain coat,for The Dutchess,
she will model it in an other blog post,
Thanks for visiting and taking the trip with me!


Dawnie said...

i'm hungry now! I was a huge dark shadow fan myself...

Mrs. Mordecai said...

What a lovely trip! Thanks for sharing it.