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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas Decorating

I always used to love hate Christmas decorating,
loved when it was up and knew the kids where looking forward to it,,but got tired of it quickly,
it turned into clutter in my sight,
this year I decided I am going to try to do a vintage type romantic pink
Christmas decor,the kind I always drooled over in magazines,
but never did,because,kids,animals,money,lack of energy etc,

this is my inspiration,

well the past 2 days I have been going thru all my boxes of stuff,
things you collect over the decades,and I was ruthless,I threw away
all the stuff that was just to tired,chip,or did not fit in,or that I didnt truely love,
2 big bags of trash so far,I have one more big box to go thru.

I am feeling free and so good,a trip to the craft store and dollar store(budget,budget,budget) and I will be ready to set things up,
it will be small but I hope lovely!
and up before Thanksgiving.

Have you started decorating?or thinking about it?
I would love to hear about it.


Dawnie said...

Yep, I'm almost done! Hubby started outside last night and just has the lights around the top of the house to put up and thats it! I have pictures of the inside but want to make a slideshow. I did as you did, tossed alot out this time. I have mixed feelings myself. I dont entirely like my style, but yet some of it has special meaning because its been with me since my kids were little. I want to start a whole new theme myself and I have begun little by little. Your right its very costly to buy decorations so I just add alittle each year. By the time Christmas is over money is gone so buying things at discount isnt really an option either.

Dawnie said...

thank you for your comments, I dont think I'm a good decorator so I appreciate that! The Kitchen Santa, I got from Kohls Department store about 4 or 5 years ago..and they still carry them. Different kinds,, and not expensive either. About 20 dollars.

grammy said...

Hi, I came over from Dawnies. She has it all up. I guess i am waiting till the Thanksgiving company leaves. I had this great idea. Invite the kids and grands over for supper and have thenm help with the tree. It seems lonely to put the decorations on all by myself. (o:

grammy said...

Grammy here again. Thanks for coming to my place for a visit. I always think it is fun to find similarities with other bloggers. My hubby is a diesel mechanic for a local moving company. I had to look at your DIY link to see what it meant....My hubby does everything a faucet out of the company trach truck to fix up and replace our broken on. The list goes on. We have friends on Long Island and we are going to go see them in Dec. I am sure we will go into the city a few times. (o:

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing several years ago... I have saved many of the decorations from the past because my girls absolutely love them and they have special Christmas memories... but much went to Salvation Army... I kept only the items that were more in keeping with the lighter, brigher cottage style I now decorate in, and I've added pieces to what I had. I would love to be a minimalist, but when it comes to Christmas, I find it very difficult! We don't start decorating until after my daughter b-day which is Nov. 30th... Can't wait to see your new decorations!...Donna