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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Taking down the Tree

Taking down the Christmas tree is a sad lonely job,
but as I vacuum the last bits of glitter away,
I try to remember where things stood before the tree came in.
The house seems cold empty and barren like the earth feels, for just a moment or two,until a bird lands on the window sill and I am aware of the new year approaching,and make space for the fresh and new.

There's no one lonelier than the person “taking down the Christmas tree.” This, of course, is a universal truth. ...
You'd like to clear everyone out of the house and be able to have some quiet time alone?

Next to the presidency, detrimming a tree has to be the loneliest job in the world. It has fallen to women for centuries and is considered a skill only they can do, like replacing the roll on the toilet tissue spindle, painting baseboards, holding a wet washcloth for a child who is throwing up or taking out a splinter with a needle.
(Erma Bombeck)

within the empty spaces you have space for growth,
Lady of the Mote


Dawnie said...

This may come thru twice so please delete one if it does. Blogger was NOT behaving this morning!

I almost started crying after reading this! lol. I'm SAD about putting all the beautiful lights away. Its just so serene coming home to pretty lights. I'm going to put my bedroom back together today and maybe put the village away--the tree I cant do yet,I'm just not ready.

Mimi said...

We keep our tree up through the 12 days of Christmas, but it is always sad to take it down.

Usually I do it alone, but one year the cat helped.

grammy said...

So true. I do hate putting it up by myself too. This year I had a chili night and had the kids and granddaughters here to help. I think I am much better off taking it down by myself than withe the four little ones (o:

Shellmo said...

I am sad thinking about taking down my decorations too. Until next year....

Kwana said...

That is so very true. It's such Woman's work. I keep mine up until after the new year them it's all me all alone to put the house back to rights. Have a Happy New Year!