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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Points to Ponder

an atheist words on a believer,

something for us believers to strive for,
to have that kind of impact,and then let God do the rest.
Lady of the Mote


Shellmo said...

I'm glad he saw the goodness in that man!

AudioMyth said...

I think its funny how you found this. Penn is one of my favorite entertainers - ("Penn and Tellers B.S." on Showtime). I tend to sway toward his rational thinking and objectivism.
Though I may not agree with most religions doctrine I have to say that those who can promote and articulate there values so subtly without the "in your face" and egotistic attitude, are always the ones that want me to explore more of that persons mind and thoughts to see what makes them valuable to me as a person and to the world. If anybody would be able to open my eyes to religion it would be in the likes and ways of the man who gave him the Bible....Love ya Ma!

Dawnie said...

a man who did something right. it really does make you think about how we need to be to others..thats cool!

grammy said...

wow...makes you think...I am so glad that man gave him the little bible. It is a seed planted.