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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Onward thru the Mess

Not in order,this is the fabric we used for the chairs and curtains,the pics dont show it but it has a light pink/beige
the paint and fabric on the walls will be my dining room,
notice all the color swatches on the table base,(they are being switched everyday,lol)
since the room will be painted all pale and my furniture is white,I was thinking about painting the base a color that pops,
but I will wait on that till the room is finished,to decided if I want to do this,
the colors in the pics are not the true colors,I don't know why but my pics never come out they way it truely looks,

well back to the madness,
Lady of the Mote


Shellmo said...

I really like those chairs of yours!! And your window treatments w/ those half shutters (I always forget what they're called!)

Dawnie said...

I love those colors and i think its so funny how you have those swatches everywhere. I could not do this, lol. I would just go get the paint, paint it and make do. I'm just so impatient to have things put away and done.

grammy said...

It all looks great. I like pics of your kitchen with the rooster pics here and there. Is it warming up there?

rosemarie said...

the colors look great,love the the shutters on your window,i want some of them for my kitchen.