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Saturday, September 13, 2008


We're home,had a wonderful time,the place is beautiful,went hiking, boating,swimming,lots of antique stores,some draw backs no stove in kitchen,
just a microwave,no free internet,and I have 4 bedbug bites ewwwwwww,
came home and washed everything in scalding water,even the colored clothes,
shame it had a lovely bedroom,
but all and all we had a grand time....
                                                I could be QUEEN OF THE FOREST!
                                                             We loved the lake
                                                              A Vegan feast!
                                                          Dutchess of all I see
                                                   So what you think dad can we stay?
                                                        That's me and the Dutchess
                                                                     side view

                                                          view from the bedroom

It's good to be home,I pray safety for all in the hurricane's path........

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Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Well, aside from bedbug bites (with ya on the eww!) Looks like a perfectly beautiful vacation!

I LOVE your pooch. I absolutely love Irish wolfhounds (we all have been talking about them a lot lately) and airedales too! We have had Danes for some time. Love the giant breed dogs. So gentle. So soulful.