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Saturday, September 6, 2008 Last

First Blog Post,Leaving in the morning,
with summer being almost over,we are going on vacation at last,
To the Lakeside Cottage at the Interlaken Inn,Lakeville CT,
we have been to the inn before but stayed at the Townhouses,
this will be the first time in the Cottage,we have our own lake,
my dog Dutchess will love that,will be interesting have a wet dog all week.

The main reason we go there is because it is very pet friendly,
we adopted her 3 years ago after our last child flew the nest,
how one dog can change your life is wild!

The Cottage and lake

if you know of pet friendly vacation places along the East Coast,
I would love to hear about them,
I wonder if the cottage has internet,I may get the hang of this blogging,
Have a wonderful week,and God be with you,
off to finish packing......

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