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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A prayer for our future leader

A prayer for our future leader

Holy Spirit, we come before you this day in humility and gratitude to beg Your choicest blessings upon those in charge of our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
Grant them in abundance Your gifts of:


that they may always be guided to place the spiritual good of the nation as the highest good.


that they may recognize the simplicity of truth.


that they may recognize the will of God under circumstances that discourage lesser men.


that they may be given the spiritual and physical strength to accept the inevitable burdens of leadership with courageous endurance.


that they may know the vastness of their mission and yet retain humility of spirit and charity for each and every soul.


that in the manifold duties of their offices they may always find time to communicate quietly with God and therein find peace of soul.


that they would forego worldly honors and recognition rather than bow to the will of evil men.
May you bless and direct our leaders for as long as it is Your will for them to guide the destiny of this nation and the world.
Father, we thank You that You hear our prayer. Please remind us, too, that You are still in charge!
(Patricia Nordman -


Dawnie said...

OHHHH I love this post! Thank you for this...I literally felt sick to my stomach after I voted. I had tears in my eyes and asked God for forgiveness. I just didnt know what to do--and based my choice on 2 things. 2 things that mean alot to me--my faith and service to our country. I just feel that sick about this election and the condition of our country.

PEN said...

What an awesome blog you have! I am amazed.

I want to thank you for putting my prayer for leaders on your blog, much, much appreciated!

God bless you always and in all ways.