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Friday, January 9, 2009

Have you read this!

Can you believe this!
I was sad beyond belief when I read this,
I am all for testing,but at the factories where it is made, this is crazy!,on clothing!
Good Will and Thift stores are my favorite places to shop,and when my kids were small,many of winter coats were bought for them at Good Will,
and what about all those mom’s
who sell their crafts from home,to make ends meet,so sad.

Is Feb. 10 financial doomsday for thousands?
New law could force companies into ruin

Lady of the Mote


Shellmo said...

Seems so extreme! Sad!

Dawnie said...

I had no idea, this is so WRONG! I sure hope enough people YELL loudly enough so that they dont lose their businesses. It really bothers me how anyone who seems to find a way to make a small living--our government will at some point find a way to destroy it.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I heard about this and I think it's sad too. I hope it doesn't go through!

Louise said...

I had heard that people weren't going to be able to sell their crafts at a Farmer's Market but Goodwill Stores are being targetted too??? how unfair... There are people who cannot afford to shop elsewhere.. what are they going to do??? This is really sick.

Anonymous said...

Once again in the name of looking like they are "doing something" or "protecting us", the politicians have created a big mess that will ultimately hurt the common working stiff. Meanwhile they continue with their billionaire bailouts.

grammy said...

Yikes. I had not heard that. Hope garage sales will still be selling stuff like kids clothes.