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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

it works!!

I am always looking and try face creams,looking for that magic potion,
I bought Bliss,Thinny Thin Chin,at Sephora,
a week before Christmas,
I have been using it on my face also,
ok it didnt make me look 10 years younger,but it has improved my skin
emensely,so much so that I skipped make up this mourning,
and it has just been a few weeks to see the difference,

do you have favorite products??share the reviews!

Have a blessed day,
Lady of the Mote


Dawnie said...

oh yeah! thank you--I will be out to buy this! I just got a free sample from Kohls for some sculpting cream that is suppossed to "lift" our face in places. I doubt it will work but i'll let you know.

I'm an easy sale for this stuff.

grammy said...

I am so bad at using any face products. Maybe that is why I see more and more wrinkles. (o:

Jillian said...

Glad to know! I love Victoria's Secret's So Sexy shampoo line...despite it's name. Great clean smell (almost like a perfume) and it does make my hair fabulous!


Shellmo said...

Is this specifically for the chin area? I'll have to try this!