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Thursday, November 6, 2008


Thanksgiving is right around the corner,
and since the empty nest holidays are quiet around here,
we often go away or out to eat for Thanksgiving,
this year like most of you,budget is tight,
so I plan on a nice Thanksgiving for us two,
this is my inspiration,

But my color will be soft pink and white,
these are my,tablecloth,stemware and dishes,

all I need to get are pink candles and plan the menu,cooking a Thanksgiving meal for 2 is a challenge when I am a vegan and hubby is not,
and excuse me,all you vegans out there,Torfurky just sucks!!yuck!!!(but the idea is good)
I tried it last Christmas and my dog didnt even want it,but for those who love it,enjoy!
I make hubby some kind of stuffed turkey breast and I will must likely have the side dishes,but will keep looking around for ideas,
Have a blessed day!!


stacy said...

I love the blue.

Louise said...

I had a set of dishes something similar... It was called April Rose.... I gave them to my daughter and now she doesn't know where they are...she has moved so many times and she may have left them behind.. Oh well, I have the memories of using them.

Lady of the Mote said...

These are called Bridal Wreath.

Dawnie said...

beautiful plates. i'm sure your little dinner for 2 will be awesome.

I do the same every year that I have for about the last 10..I cook for our grown 5 children and grandchildren. we then watch Planes Trains and Automobiles and Uncle Buck. We end up eating about 3 times. Normally I have another guest or two that dosnt have a place to go--but this year I dont think its going to be.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I'll be really interested to see your final menu choice. I tried last year to come up with some sort of signature fancyish but yummy dish for Christmas that doesn't feature meat because we don't eat that much meat, but I didn't get any great ideas.